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New WJS Book

OUT NOW: Worlds of Journalism: Journalistic Cultures Around the Globe, edited by T. Hanitzsch, F. Hanusch, J. Ramaprasad, and A. S. de Beer (2019, Columbia University Press). Order here and save 30%.

2019 WJS Meeting

5-6 July 2019: About 80 members of the WJS network gather in Madrid to discuss the questionnaire for WJS3.

New Publications

Lohmann, M.-I., & Riedl, A. (2019). Public nuisance or an asset to democracy? Studies in Communication Sciences, 18(2), 215-229.

Mertens, S., Standaert, O., d'Haenens, L. & De Cock, R. (2019). Diversity in Western Countries: Journalism Culture, Migration Integration Policy and Public Opinion. Media and Communication, 7, 66-76.

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Welcome to The Worlds of Journalism Study

The Worlds of Journalism Study (WJS) is an academically driven project that was founded to regularly assess the state of journalism throughout the world. The Study's primary objective is to help journalism researchers, practitioners, media managers and policy makers better understand the worldviews and changes that are taking place in the professional orientations of journalists, the conditions and limitations under which journalists operate, and the social functions of journalism in a changing world. The network is currently planning for the third wave of the study, with field work estimated to start in 2020.

Networking international journalism scholarship 
A joint effort of researchers from around the world, the project aspires to the highest standards of scientific collaboration, democratic participation and collective publishing. In so doing, we believe the WJS has become a vehicle for the comparative study of journalism, and an institutional home for those who engage in it. The basic principles of cooperation are formulated in the Study's Statutes.

WJS 2012-2016: the transformation of journalism
The last wave of the WJS has continued and extended the groundbreaking work carried out through the pilot study (2007-2011). Breaking all records in comparative communication research, the current study brought together researchers from 67 countries from around the world. In an unprecedented collaborative effort, the study has interviewed over 27,500 journalists between 2012 and 2016, based on a common methodological framework. The questionnaire elicited views of journalists on several issues journalists and news organizations face today, such as journalism's place in society, ethics, autonomy and influences on newsmaking, journalistic trust in public institutions, and the transformation of journalism in the broadest sense.

The study is currently hosted at LMU Munich and is funded by various organizations.